National Legislation Seeking to Limit Choice/Take Away Supports from the Severely Disabled

The Disability Integration Act

Please Oppose the Movement to Eliminate Work Centers and 14(c) Wage Certificates for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The Transformation to Competitive Employment Act

The Raise the Wage Act

Why VOR opposes these bills

The movement to promote competitive employment for disabled individuals, encompassing people with visual, auditory, and physical disabilities as well as many people with I/DD, is a noble effort, a true civil rights issue that is overdue. As a society, we should be creating opportunities for those who want to work, and who are capable of integrating into the mainstream and working at a competitive level. But the implications of these two bills echo the “one-size-fits-all” mentality that dominates the I/DD system and marginalizes those individuals who do not fit into the “one size” population. “One-size-ism” will never be appropriate disability policy. The I/DD population is too complex and diverse to be treated with simplistic, one-sized solutions.

Both of these bills are aimed at providing competitive, integrated employment opportunities for those capable of achieving this level of employment, but they also insist on eliminating the current opportunities provided for those not capable or not desiring this level of employment.

The thinking behind this movement is that work centers are bad things that limit the individual’s capacity, and that given the opportunity to work in a competitive, integrated environment, all individuals will rise to their full capacity. Proponents of this movement, when forced to admit that some people will be shut out or left behind, speak as though this is an “acceptable consequence” of their plan. It is not. These are human lives. These are not disposable, expendable individuals. These people have families who love them and want the best for them.

There is no reason to accept these “acceptable consequences”, especially when there is no correlation between eliminating 14(c) wage certificates and investing in employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.


Oppose Legislation That Would Close Facilities That Provide Intensive Levels Of Care For Severely Disabled People