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Watch this newly released version from the original master film of “The Invisible Wall.” About the film: “The Invisible Wall” was released in 1968. After receiving much international attention for the publication of his book ‘Infantile Autism,’ ARI’s founder, Dr. Bernard Rimland, felt he needed to continue to change the prevailing mindset that parents were to blame for their children’s autism. The film features touching personal stories, photographs and film of footage of parents and their children diagnosed with Autism. Dr. Rimland’s interview, interspersed throughout the film, touches on many topics, including evidence that pointed to an organic, rather than a psychological cause.
Parents struggling to cope with their violent autistic children are not being properly supported by local authorities, the National Autistic Society has told us. BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programmer’s reporter Noel Phillips has been to meet families affected. The Local Government Association says while “councils are working hard to make sure children with autism and other special needs get access to the support they need… they have been put in an impossible situation due to increasing demand and historic underfunding”.
Iowans with autism illustrate the nuances of The Life Autistic in this two-hour broadcast special. We meet twelve people of different ages and backgrounds, along with their families and caregivers, to understand the daily lives and future prospects of people with autism. Their stories explore diagnosis, early intervention, family life, treatment, education, employment and independent living. Interviews with experts, educators and advocates — including famed author and speaker Temple Grandin — provide greater context and a better understanding of the many expressions of autism. Tyler Leech lends his unique perspective as a member of Iowa’s community of people with autism to the stories from the original Iowa PBS web series.
Autism is a condition that can leave one child mildly impaired and another totally lost in a nether world. It is a neurological disorder that affects the central nervous system. It affects communication and language skills: speech, touch, and hand eye co-ordination… ‘Stranger in the Family’ looks at the efforts made at a special school in Sydney called Giant Steps. Based on a Canadian model, the school was set up and is maintained by the parents of the students who attend. This documentary looks at the methods of the school, the hopes of the students and parents who have a daily battle with this incurable disease.
An intimate portrait of an entire generation of mothers, already laden with the challenge of raising profoundly disordered children, who lived for years under the dehumanizing shadow of professionally promoted “mother blame.”
The idea to make documentary about families raising children with a severe from of autism came form Petr Třešňák and his wife Petra Třešňáková, parents of Dorotka, who is now 11 years old. They knew form their personal experience that few people can imagine the life of children like her, and that it is necessary to show it to the public. Out of roughly ten families we contacted, we selected five for the documentary. The final version presents four children, their parents and siblings. We aimed for a composition that would illustrate all the various forms of challenging behavior, and various types of difficult situations that their families encounter.

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